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The search menu provides several search functions as described below. All location and user based searches will provide a list of caches as result, whereas the geocode search and the trackable search will directly open the resulting geocache details or trackable details.

Basically all search functions will use all enabled geocaching platforms simultaneously and provide the result in a combined list across all geocaching services. This depends on the functions supported by the specific geocaching service as listed in the service setting menu.

Search Function Description
Tapping this icon will load a list of your owned caches
CoordinatesSearch for caches around coordinates provided. Refer to the Coordinate dialog for more information.
AddressSearch for caches around a street address. We use the Google geo coding service to find the address and convert it into coordinates.
If the address has been found you can either load the list of caches nearby this location or open the live map at this address by tapping on the small map icon shown in the search result.
Geo CodeSearch for a specific geo code in all supported platforms depending on the code prefix (e.g. GC77, OC1234).
KeywordsSearch for caches starting with the keyword provided.

:!: A keyword search for all caches containing the keyword is currently not possible due to technical limitations.
Found by userSearch for caches found by the username provided.
Hidden by userSearch for caches hidden by the username provided.
TrackableSearch for a trackable by using its public or secret tracking code. This search supports trackables as well as other trackable services (e.g, GeoKrety).
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