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Geocache Icons

c:geo uses dedicated icons for the different types of Geocaches available. The following table provides an overview of the used icons, the corresponding cache type and a basic description of the characteristic features of this cache type.

Icon Cache Type Basic description
Traditional CacheThis is classic type of geocaches. The geocache can be found at the given coordinates.
Multi CacheA multi cache uses at least two locations. The geocache itself is located at the final location, but you need to visit several locations and possibly solve questions/riddles at each stage to find out the final location.
Earth CacheThe location of an earth cache is a location of special geological interest. The aim of these geocaches is to educate the geocachers about the geology of the earth. At the location typically questions need to be answered to be able to log the geocache. There is no physical geocache at the location. More information can be found at
Mystery CacheThis geocache type covers many possibilities, where the geocache is typically not located at the given coordinates but the real location has to be investigated.Typically the user has to answer questions or solve the riddle in the cache description to reveal the real location.
Wherigo CacheWherigo is a way to play location depending adventures. Using a dedicated Wherigo app and the cache cartridge file, the geocacher has to play a location based game or answer location based questions. More information at
Virtual Cache A virtual cache location does not contain a physical geocache. At the location an assignment needs to be carried out or a question needs to be answered. If this is done correctly and the location is really visited, the geocache can be logged as found.
Letterbox Hybrid Cache A letterbox geocache uses clues instead of coordinates. A stamp can be found at the final location to record the visit.
Webcam CacheAt this geocache type you need to stand in front of a public webcam and capture a picture from this cam. Afterwards the picture needs to be posted together with your log to claim the find.
Event CacheSometimes geocachers organize events at a certain time and place to meet and discuss about Geocaching.
Mega Event CacheA Mega Event Cache is basically the same as an Event Cache, but the event is bigger. A minimum number of 500 geocachers need to be registered.
Giga Event CacheA Giga Event Cache is basically the same as Mega Event Cache, but the event is even bigger. A minimum number of 5000 geocachers need to be registered.
CITO Event CacheCITO Event Cache are events organized for the purpose of cleaning the environment or a similar task and (optionally) afterwards place a new geocache at the location. CITO is the abbreviation for Cache-In-Trash-Out.
Project APE Cache14 Geocaches of this type have originally been placed in 2001 to support the movie “Planet of the Apes”. Only a few geocaches exist today, which makes it one of the rarest Geocache types.
Groundspeak Headquarter CacheThere is only one Geocache of this type, located at the HQ of Groundspeak, the company behind, in Seattle, Washington, USA.
Adventure Lab CacheWhen playing an Adventure Lab Cache, no physical cache can be found. You have to visit a location with the special Adventure Lab Cache app and answer a question there. If this went well, the visited location will automatically be added to your number of found caches.
Unknown Cache TypeIf this cache type is shown either c:geo could not (yet) load the cache type of this Geocache, it is a cache type not explicitly supported by c:geo (e.g. Lab Caches on or it is a dedicated Unknown Type Geocache as supported on opencaching platforms.
c:geo cacheUsed for user created caches inside of c:geo
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