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The “Go to…” menu can be used to navigate to arbitrary coordinates not bound to any geocache or geocache waypoint or make a waypoint projection.

Just enter the coordinates by clicking on the coordinate section to open the input dialog. If you want to perform a waypoint projection from this position you can optionally enter the bearing and distance below.

The last section on this page shows you a history of coordinates you used before together with the corresponding time/date.

The top menu provides several options for you:

The icons shown in the top bar and the contents behind the overflow menu button are distributed dynamically based on your device resolution and screen orientation. Thus it might be possible, that more or less items can be found behind the menu button or instead shown as icons in the top bar on your device.
In case a menu entry is shown as an icon you can long press the icon to get a popup showing its function.

Icon Description
A short click on this icon will start your preferred navigation tool to navigate to the selected cache.
A long press will start your secondary preferred navigation tool.
Will open the complete list of available navigation tools
Clicking here will open the menu of functions not fitting into the top bar on your device, thus being displayed as a list instead. The function shown in this list are also described in this table.
Caches aroundWill conduct a nearby search around the given coordinates
Clear HistoryWill clear the history entries on the lower section of the screen.
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